Grand Renewable Energy 2014 International Conference and Exhibition[Joint with International Solar Energy Society Asia Pacific Congress 2014 and The 2nd Wave and Tidal Energy Conference]July 27(Sunday)-August 1(Fri), 2014/Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
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Instructions for Presentations

Opening hours:

To be announced.

Instructions to Oral Presenters:

Talk details
Talks are presented in English and we do not have translation facilities. There will be 15 minutes available for each talk, plus 5 minutes for questions, making 20 minutes in all. The chairperson of your session will terminate your talk when your time is up.
Speakers can use a Powerpoint data projector. We are currently running Powerpoint 2010 on a Windows 7 PC.
Powerpoint presentations can be read from CD/DVD-ROM and most memory sticks. Other types of drives and Apple MAC facilities are
NOT available

Speakers should hand over their Powerpoint presentation at the Speakers’ Check-In Desk at least 2 hours prior to the start of your session.
All speakers should arrive at the each designated session venue 10 minutes prior to the start of your session.

Instructions to Poster Presenters:

Speakers are requested to follow the schedule below when mounting their posters on their assigned board. There will be two separate poster sessions categorized by areas, all the posters are posted throughout 5- day conference period. The posters remaining after designated removal time will be disposed by the secretariat.
[ Poster Session 1: July 28-29 ]
Room: 607+Foyer of 6th floor
Mounting Time: July. 28 (Mon.) 8:00-13:00
Removal Time: July. 29 (Tue.) 18:00-19:00
[ Poster Session 2: July 30-31 ]
Room: 607+Foyer of 6th floor
Mounting Time: July. 30 (Wed.) 10:00-13:00
Removal Time: July. 31 (Thu.) 16:00-18:00
The date and time of poster presentation, area by area, are designated later in home page.
The size of the poster panel is 90 cm wide and 210 cm. Your poster number will already be on your assigned board. Please check your presentation number in the congress program book which will be provided at the registration desk on registration. Please indicate your contact address (E-mail, etc.) in your poster for those audience members who would like to contact you later.
Presenters are requested to be by their posters during the session to be held on the appointed day.

For Chairpersons:

Please come to the session room no later than 5 minutes prior to the session.
All chairpersons are asked to ensure that all sessions start on time and finish punctually as scheduled.
Presentation time and Discussion time for each presentation is basicaly 15min + 5 min., but in some sessions, the presentation time varies.
The detailed session schedule is handed over in the session room.

Full Paper Submission:

All presenters (Oral & Poster) should submit 4 page manuscript to the Speaker Check-In Desk during the conference term.
Please submit with using the designated template, the submission format is as follows:
The Copyright transfer agreement: Printed paper with your signature
Your full paper: PDF format
*Filename of your full paper is your presentation number.
Manuscript Preparation Guideline Manuscript Preparation Guideline.doc (296KB)

Best Presentation Prize:

The award, “Best Presentation Prize” is selected in each area from both Oral and Poster, will be announced in the program of closing session on August 1.
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